Why Do We Need A Mouse?
Our project goal is to use your hand as a pointing device (like the mouse). Hand motions can be much more expressive and convey more information than using the mouse. Also, you always bring your hands with you.
Authors: Matthijs van der Zon, Thomas Steenbergen and Johan Walters


The goal is to use your hand as a pointing device (like the mouse) using a webcam. Just move your hand to the right to make the pointer on the screen go to the right.


It's cordless. It's optical. Nothing new so far, but it also requires no battery charges, and you can never loose it! (Even if you did, you can still use the rest of your body). It's useful in situations where no room is available for a mouse, or in 'extreme conditions' where a mouse might break down easily.


Designing the hand/mouse movements to be natural and intuitive.

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