3D Photo Album
We designed a virtual 3D photo album which could give a more natural way of viewing digital images.
Authors: Francois Smuts and Georgios Portokalidis


3D is everywhere. Some big companies have also started to make interactive photo albums for their clients, but no one has incorporated these ideas to make the whole experience of viewing photos natural and more interactive.


Problems that were encountered during the design: Understanding and using OpenGL in conglomeration with Visual C++ was easy. The first problem was to model the physics of a book with pages. Giving different pages context and displaying new pages as the mouse is used to page through the photo album did not prove as easy as I thought it was. I made use of a picking algorithm however and managed to succeed in this task at the end.

The next problem was making the entire book move when zooming and when rotating the display, but not only the page with current context. This was overcome in the display loop. Furthermore, lighting models and shade models were used. The pictures are mapped as textures onto the various pages of the album.

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