This pages describes some of the university and industrial activities we have participated in. This is only a subset of the activities.


Involvement in University Courses

Computer Graphics

Multimedia Information Retrieval

Multimedia Systems

Speech Recognition and Understanding

Databases and Data Mining

Grant Funding Support

Making Sense of Illustrated Handwritten Archives, NWO, 2 PhDs and a postdoc, 2015-2019

Deep Visual Understanding of Paintings and Pictures, NVIDIA, hardware for deep learning, 2015-2020

DAMIOSO - high dimensional temporal datamining, NWO, 3 PhDs and postdoc, 2015-2020

MMIPPS (Multispectral and Multitemporal Image Processing on Parallel Systems): European Union Research Framework

NODES ( Novel Techniques for Describing Shapes in Computer Graphics and Image Processing): European Union Research Framwork, ~100K Euros

WEPTEL (Innovative Weather Presentations on TELevision): European Union Research Framework, ~500K Euros

DIAL (Data Integration, Analysis and Logistics), CMSB, ~56M Euros (~16M Dutch government, ~40M University and third parties)

Cyttron, Bsik, ~18M Euros (~9M Dutch government, ~9M University and third parties)

Philips Research Grant on Multimedia Databases, ~200K Euros

Relevance Feedback for Content Based Retrieval, NWO (Dutch NSF), ~150K Euros

Involvement in University Activities

LIACS Info Screen - lobby wall news platform

LIACS Web Pages - Design and Implementation - Ernst Lindoorn

LTEC Seminar - Organization: Ernst Lindoorn with Herbert Bos

Challenges in Computer Science Seminar - Organization: Michael Lew, Ernst Lindoorn and Nicu Sebe

Computer Science & Mathematics Announcement Board - Design and Implementation: Ernst Lindoorn and Jelle Westenbroek

Informatica Open Day - Erwin Bakker, Michael Lew and Ernst Lindoorn

Science Open Day - Erwin Bakker, Michael Lew and Ernst Lindoorn

University Open (Enlightenment) Day - Erwin Bakker, Michael Lew and Ernst Lindoorn (Also won Best Presentation)

Radiology Analysis Research - Joachim Rijsdam with J.H.C. Reiber (LUMC)

MediaTechnology Projects
- 3D Display
- Tactile Touch Interface
- Mobile phone game

MediaTechnology Exposition

University Faculty Involvment

Erwin Bakker - Speech Recognition Seminar and Multimedia Systems Class

Herbert Bos - Active Networks Project - Investigating multimedia delivery over networks

Doug Degroot - QuickTime Virtual Reality

Bas Haring - The LIACS Game - A project involving mobile phones and the lobby wall; MediaTechnology Project Demonstration Day; MediaTechnology Open Day

Joost Kok - LIACS CD-ROM Project - promotional materials for LIACS

Walter Koster - A.I. Class - Students learn about artificial intelligence and how to program robots.

Michael Lew - Multimedia Systems Class and Computer Graphics Class

Nicu Sebe - Computer Graphics Class

Harry Wijshoff - Virtual Studio, Multimedia Projects, and Department Web Pages

Lex Wolters - Virtual Studio - Next Generation Television Broadcasting

Media Lab Overview
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