Augmented Reality
In many situations, it would be nice to have additional information about one's surroundings. This project does that by augmenting reality.
Authors: Gideon Liem, Olaf van der Spek and Bart Thomée

Description of the project:

The Spy Robot project was originally intended to include a small moving robot with a rotating camera used for sneaking into areas unnoticed and providing a live videostream. Unfortunately not all equipment was available so the project was transformed to its current form.

Initially the video input came from a non-rotatable video camera. Which was sufficient for getting the important things right in the application. Imporant things included the calibration of the camera (FOV, coordinate system) so that the object descriptions appeared on the right place on the screen.

When the rotatable camera was installed instead of the test camera the camera would rotate by a simple flick of the mouse. The head mounted display simulated the mouse movement and therefore was easily usable.

The videostream provided to the user was modified by the application to include text containing information about interesting objects in view. The object descriptions are read from a text file which can be edited by the user, while the application is running, to update any changes in the environment. The only thing the user needs to know before entering the object descriptions is that the distance to a certain object has to be expressed for each of the three axes, x, y and z.

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