Moody Elevator - Emotional Spaces & Influences
We created an elevator which influences interactions between passengers
Authors: Alessa van de Goor, Bob Karhof, and Jeroen van de Merwe


Create an elevator that forces interaction between it's passengers. It's often quiet in an elevator, sometimes too quiet. When it's quiet, the elevator should start playing loud music. When the passengers start talking or making other noises, the elevator stops playing the loud and irritating music and plays some relaxing stuff.


So far, we haven't seen any elevator that reacts to the people inside.


For the presentation at the LIACS, we actually build an 'elevator' in the hallway. It was made of cloth and wood, but it enhanced the feeling of being in an elevator. Although the software didn't run as expected, we hope that the demonstration did communicate our idea.

In the future the volume checking program will not be interferred by it's own noise when it's too quiet. In the current situation, when the volume of the speakers is loud, he reacts to himself and starts playing relaxing music. Then it's too quiet and he starts playiong loud music, and so on. In the future there also will be a computer generated liftperson in the elevator. He also reacts to the passengers by telling jokes or start asking questions to them, when they are to quiet.

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