Video Players
We give an overview of the DivX Player and Microsoft Media Player.
Two popular video players are the DivX Player 2.0 and Microsoft Media Players (versions 6.4 and 7.1). Both will play DivX content but each has different important features.

The DivX Player 2.0 has the strong advantages of requiring lower hardware resources (memory and CPU) and it gives the user the ability to fast forward/rewind. Furthermore, the user can increase the image brightness and/or contrast, which can be very important depending on the display used. Another advantage is that for interlaced DVDs such as TV shows, which are encoded with reconstructed progressvie frames at 23.976 fps, the DivX Player 2.0 will play it moderately smoothly, which most players do not.

Microsoft Media Player 6.4 allows the user to resize the video to different aspect ratio and will work on NT 4.0.

Microsoft Media Player 7.1 has the primary advantage of having the best sync for the video and audio tracks. In fact, for Windows 2000, if the video and audio do not play in sync, you should download Service Pack 2.0, which seems to solve the problem. It also gives the user control over the image brightness/contrast.

Here is an index of features:

Image Brightness/Contrast Controls
DivX Player 2.0 and Microsoft Media Player 7.1

Fast Forward/Rewind
DivX Player 2.0

Low Memory and CPU Usage
DivX Player 2.0

Best Audio/Video Sync
Microsoft Media Player 7.1

Resize Video to Any Aspect Ratio
Microsoft Media Player 6.4

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