Graphics Card Roundup
In this article, we summarize the latest developments in graphics cards.
Not long ago there were a dozen companies contending for the 3D graphics crown. Its a testament to the times how fast 3D empires have risen and fallen. 3dfx which had in many ways created the 3D game market via their legendary Voodoo card has become a ghost of the past. Matrox has essentially dropped out of the 3D graphics race and focussed on multiple displays.

For the past few years, it appeared that ATI had also given up the 3D graphics race to Nvidia. ATI's niche has been combining video input with graphics resulting in their All-In-Wonder series. This left the 3D performance market open for Nvidia which has completely dominated the consumer market with their Geforce line.

Times have changed again. This year marks the introduction of 2 new graphics cards: Geforce3 (Nvidia) and the Radeon 8500 (ATI). All bets were clearly on the Geforce3 to maintain a respectable lead over ATI. However, the predictions turned out to be wrong. ATI has managed to retake the crown with their newest Radeon technology. Their Radeon 8500 card shows a clear lead (15-25%) over the Geforce3 in most computer games.

Times keep changing. Nvidia has also expanded their strategic market by introducing new modules for allowing video input on their cards, which creates new competition with ATI.

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