Installing Windows 2000 with Ultra160 SCSI
Howto setup Windows 2000 on a PC with an Ultra160 SCSI system

When using an Ultra160 SCSI interface in your PC (either for CD-ROM or hard-disk), it is neccessary to install the proper SCSI drivers during the installation of Windows 2000. The system should come with a (or multiple) floppy containing the drivers for Windows 2000.

So here's what you do:

  1. Check the BIOS to see whether everything is correct
  2. Insert the Windows 2000 installation disk in your CD-ROM
  3. Reboot
  4. Wait for the system to start the Windows 2000 installation from CD
  5. Note that in the very beginning of the installation it asks you to press 'F6' to install any additional drivers. When it prompts for 'F6' press it.
  6. After a while the Windows 2000 Installation should prompt with the question to install additional drivers, press 'S'.
  7. Insert the floppy with the Ultra160 SCSI drivers for your system and install the drivers.
  8. The installation should continue without problems.

If you still get a blue screen of death, you might have the wrong drivers or something else might be wrong.

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