Installing Philips Vesta Pro Webcam under Windows 2000
The Philips Vesta Pro webcam does not install correctly from the default nor the downloadable drivers. This devnote describes how to get it working under Windows 2000
Installation Notes for the Philips Vesta Pro Webcam
(PCVC680K) under Windows 2000:

0) Do not plug in the USB camera before the installation
procedure asks for it.

1) Delete or rename the oem8.inf file in the \WINNT\inf
directory, this file tries and fails to install the USB-drivers
for the Vesta Pro webcam (it will ask for the vfwwdm.drv file
that is not available anywhere on the system and that the webcam
actually does not need under Windows 2000.

2) Use the Philips PC Camera Installation Disk PCVC675K/PCVC680K
(Version 1.2 has been tried here), and follow the normal installation

3) At some point during the installation you will be asked
to plug in the USB camera. After this Windows 2000 will install
the necessary drivers. If it complains about finding the drivers,
you should look for them in the \Program Files\Philips Vesta Camera

If an error occurs after this installation, then you should update
your drivers with the VestaWebUpdate14.exe file, which were available
from the Philips-site (support for PC-stuff):

4) unplug the USB Camera.

5) manualy de-install the USB webcam drivers (see also the
readme.txt of the updated_drivers (version 1.4)) with Add/Remove
Hardware: Uninstall/Unplug a device:Uninstall a device:
Show hidden devices: (de-install USB Composite Device, USB Audio Device,
and the Philips VGA Digital Camera; Video).

5) Install the updated drivers (version 1.4): VestaWebUpdate14.exe.

6) Plug in the USB camera when it asked for. NB Again if it can not
find the necessary files look under \Program Files\Philips Vesta Camera.

An alternative is to do the following instead of 4) - 6):

4') Do NOT unplug the camera.

5') Install the updated drivers (version 1.4): VestaWebUpdate14.exe.
This will overwrite the *.inf files etc. in the \Program Files\Philips
Vesta Camera directory. Stop the procedure if it asks to plug in the

6') Do a manual update of the drivers with: System: Hardware: Device Manager:
USB Composite Device: Driver: Update Driver, and follow the instruction there.

NB You should select the updated cam*10.inf file!

Have fun!

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