Speech Interfaces Overview
We give a summary of our research directions and projects in speech systems. The projects include a voice controlled CD player, an interactive musical jam session; and a virtual human.
Since speech is one of the most intuitive communication methods, it has been receiving significant commericial and research attention. The LML is currently involved with several advanced speech recognition and synthesis projects. Our research attempts to expand the current limits with respect to speaker independence and noise tolerance.

One focussed project to be able to control multimedia gear such as CD players via voice commands. In this case, we are striving for speaker independent voice recognition. Furthermore, the system should be resistant to the music from the speakers.

On the creative side, we are designing a system for interactive "jam" sessions using MIDI. The goal is to be able to give voice commands to the MIDI instruments interactively - setting the beat; switching instruments; changing the output of each instrument, etc.

In the virtual human project, we are giving the virtual receptionist the ability to have conversations with visitors to the building. The focus is on speaker independent dialogs where the visitors do not need to train the system beforehand. Our goal is to have the virtual human be able to give information about people and events and even be entertaining.

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