Excel-like Formulas in MS Word Tables
Some notes on using Excel-like formulas in MS Word Tables
Adding Excel-like formulas to MS Word like tables.

(1) Create a table in MS Word

(2) Click on a cell in the table and go to Insert | Field

(3) Select = (Formula) and click on OK

(4) Now you can add in Excel-like formulas. Right mouse click on the cell and select: toggle field code

(5) You can see the current formula. The cells in the table are labeled like Excel A1...A9999 B1...B9999 where the letters are the columns and the rows are the numbers. So you could for example type in after the = sign:


which would do a weighted sum of cells B1 and C1.

There are many other formula functions like SUM(RIGHT), which would sum the table entries to the right. You can also use LEFT, ABOVE, BELOW and also AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, PRODUCT, and ROUND

To update a field, right mouse click on the cell and select: update field or click on the cell and press the F9 button.

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