Windows Security vs Malware: Important Tips
This article will focus on the most important tips to improve fundamental security on MS Windows and many others.
There are some fundamental methods to improve security on MS Windows systems. These are

(1) Run a 2-way firewall - most malware these days attempt to contact the Internet to spread or participate in distributed malicious actions. A 2-way firewall can detect and even stop most of the malware attempts at spreading or causing harm.

(2) Turn off "auto-run" - another popular way for malware to spread is by using the auto-run feature for removeable media. For example, when a USB stick is inserted, by default, it will try to auto-run a file, which can spread malware. By turning off auto-run, you will be significantly limiting the ways in which malware can spread.

(3) Use a limited account for Web Browsing - these days the easiest way for malicious hackers to gain administrator privileges is through your web browser. By doing your web browsing through a limited account, it will make it much harder for the hackers to install malware.

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