Acer 4810 Battery Life Problem
The Acer timeline 4810 should have an 8 hour battery life when surfing the Web. However, due to driver problems with the switchable graphics, users may only be seeing 4 hours battery life.
Acer 4810T Battery Life Problem

This problem happens on the dual/switchable graphics models with ATI & Intel graphics. The problem is that after a Resume from Sleep, both graphics chips are on, so the power consumption is much higher.

The workaround is either:

- After Resume from Sleep, switch the graphics from Intel to ATI and back again to Intel (this will shut down the ATI chip)

- Disable Sleep altogether, use only Hibernate (the problem doesn't seem to happen with a Resume from Hibernate)

- In the BIOS, switch the laptop to Discrete graphics mode only (ATI only), but this will take a bit off your battery life because the ATI chip consumes about 1W to 1.5W more power than the Intel one, so overall you will lose about 10% of battery life

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