Intel Modular Server and Windows 2003 Server
The Intel Modular Server is not immediately compatible with most Windows Operating Systems. This article shows how to create a slipstreamed installation CD with the storage drivers
Creating a SlipStreamed Windows 2003 CD:

To create a merged Windows 2003 CD perform the following:

1. Download and install the freeware program nLite from (

2. Launch nLite

3. Select language desired and hit next

4. On the next screen browse to the location of the Windows 2003 CD

5. nLite will prompt for a location to copy the CD to for modification (C:\temp), it’ll then copy the install CD to that folder

6. When the copy completes, hit next

7. Hit next on the presets screen

8. On the next screen, select “Integrate -> Drivers” and “Create -> Bootable ISO”, hit Next.

9. Download and extract the 1.25.5 driver for the appropriate version of the OS (32-bit or 64-bit) and extract to a known location

10. Hit the Insert tab in the bottom left (single driver), browse to the location with the driver and select the “lsi_sas.inf”

11. Select “Textmode driver”, click on the description in the box, and hit OK

12. Hit Next to begin the process

13. When the process completes, hit next to bring up the Bootable ISO screen

The nLite program is in the zip file attached. 14. Select the appropriate options for your system and hit “burn” to create the CD

15. When finished, the CD is ready for remote installation with no requirement for a driver floppy

---Download Attachment---

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