X Server - Cygwin on Win32
X Server - Cygwin on Win32 - This article explains what you need to know to get it working

X Server - Cygwin on Win32

Go to x.cygwin.com and select the installation file.

Run the setup file and it will prompt for where the 
Cygwin files should be placed and where it should put
the installation files.

It is important to put the main Cygwin directory immediately
under the drive - i.e.  D:\cygwin

If the Cygwin directory is not immediately under a drive,
the startxwin.bat will not work.

In the setup installation, select the ssh options from +NET
and the Xfree86-lib and X-startup-scripts from +X11

After installation you must start the X server by going to

If all goes well, there should be an X in the task bar which
can also be used to exit the X server

When you connect to another place, use

ssh -Y www.otherplace.com

Then when you run a program such as mozilla, a window
should appear on your desktop showing the program.  Note
that the -Y option sets up the X connection over encrypted 

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