Virtual Education - Online School 7 Feb 2004
This is a 3D online school where you can walk around, see and talk to other students and teachers. You can also listen to music and view video for your studies.

Speech Street Fighter 25 Jan 2004
This is a fighting game like "Street Fighter" played by speech. You can control your 3D fighter in real time using voice commands.

Fractal Worlds 19 Jan 2004
Our main goal: Is to create an artificial world according to a set of random parameters(seed) at the begin of the program. So every time you run the program, you will get an entire new world that can be viewed in 3d. More general, every mountain, every ocean, and every tree will be placed differently in each run.

Digital Immortality - Memory Cabinet 14 Jan 2004
We want to build a cabinet which holds 'memories'. The cabinet stands in a public space like the main entrance of a library or city hall. Every visitor can show an object with emotional value or memory to the digital camera/webcam.

Virtual Aquarium 7 Dec 2003
Imagine a television that shows an aquarium with fishes which respond to movement and sound from the surrounding area.

Voice Search 20 Nov 2003
Voicesearch is about as the name suggests, using your voice for doing the search on a webpage. Before it was all textual, now its possible to make it more dynamic,interactive and appealing to the users.

Why Do We Need A Mouse? 15 Oct 2003
Our project goal is to use your hand as a pointing device (like the mouse). Hand motions can be much more expressive and convey more information than using the mouse. Also, you always bring your hands with you.

3D Visual Sign Language Translator 10 Feb 2003
We wanted to create a device which could work as a visual sign-language translator. On the fingertips of a glove we placed 4 different color leds. These leds can be recognized by an OpenGL code.

3D Photo Album 9 Jan 2003
We designed a virtual 3D photo album which could give a more natural way of viewing digital images.

Virtual Window 12 Dec 2002
The intention of the project was to generate a window on a computer that was realistic and believable. A tromp l'oeil.

Virtual 3D Display 30 Jul 2002
This project is about designing a 3D display which can be viewed without shutter glasses or a head mounted display

Augmented Reality 18 Jul 2002
In many situations, it would be nice to have additional information about one's surroundings. This project does that by augmenting reality.

Moody Elevator - Emotional Spaces & Influences 8 Jul 2002
We created an elevator which influences interactions between passengers

Interactive Movie Theatre 8 Jul 2002
In this project we create a special movie theater which changes the video on the screen based on user interaction via the chairs

Dynamic Art 25 Jun 2002
Using live video capture and wall sized projections, we created a dynamic art exhnibit.

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