Delete Open With Entries in Windows 7 5 Jul 2019
This article gives instructions on how to delete specific Open With entries in Windows 7

DOS Batch Commmands 7 Jun 2019
Tips on commands in DOS batch files

nmap - security checking 22 May 2019
NMAP is a common tool available on most UNIX system for checking network security

Connect XP to Windows 7 or 10 SMB Shares 7 Mar 2019
Windows XP uses a lower level of SMB authentication than Windows 7 or 10. This article explains how to have them connect.

Disable AutoPlay on Windows 7 1 Feb 2019
Disable AutoPlay on Windows 7

Remove Audio Tracks from MKV using mkvmerge 12 Jan 2019
Remove Audio Tracks from MKV using mkvmerge

RCedit 31 Dec 2018
This tip shows how to change the description of an executable using rcedit.exe

Using FFmpeg to concat files 22 Nov 2018
Some tips on using ffmpeg to join video files without re-encoding

Remote Desktop Shortcut 24 Oct 2018
This article explains how to create a shortcut for a particular IP for Remote Desktop

Disable Web Notifications in Firefox 23 Sep 2018
Many websites currently will want to push notifications at you. You can disable this in Firefox

Thunderbird Download Issues 8 Sep 2018
Thunderbird can have problems with POP protocol download issues of large emails

Google - Should you allow "less secure" apps 1 Sep 2018
Google is sending messages about whether they should allow less secure apps. This is what it means.

FFmpeg - crop and rescale to 16:9 1080p 13 Aug 2018

FFMpeg - converting HDR to SDR 13 Aug 2018

Windows 10 Startup Folder 23 Jul 2018
This brief tip shows how to open the Windows 10 Startup Folder

Convert Webpage to PDF 14 Jul 2018
This article briefly mentions how to convert a URL of a webpage into a PDF

Deep Learning Starting Points 6 Jun 2018
This article has some tips on where to start for reading up on deep learning using convolutional neural networks.

FFMpeg notes - start time to end time 6 May 2018
A small tip on specifying start and end time to ffmpeg

Batch file on Subfolders 17 Jan 2018
This tip shows how to make a batch file process all files in all subfolders.

Firefox: disable the leave page dialog box 20 Jul 2017
Many malware websites continually throw the dialog box: Are you sure you want to leave this webpage? They do this to prevent you from closing the window. This article explains how to turn off the dialog box in Firefox.

Firefox: turning off video autoplay 30 Jun 2017
This article tells how to turn off autoplay in Firefox

WinXP and 10: Multiple File Drag/Drop Batch Files 27 Jun 2017
This example shows how to setup a batch file so that you can drag and drop multiple selected files so that an executable will process each one.

Download Windows OS ISO and USB drive images 20 Jun 2017
This article mentions how to get the ISO or USB drive images for different Windows OS

Adjust Startup Programs on Windows 7 27 Feb 2017
This article gives some tips on how to view and adjust whether a program automatically starts on Windows 7

Firefox download error: source file could not be read 19 Feb 2017
Firefox is giving a download error ...source file could not be read

mailto link problems - million IE browsers starting 16 Feb 2017
You click on a mailto link in Firefox and a million IE browsers are started.

Disk Information 10 Jan 2017
This article shows how to find information on hard drives using the diskpart command

Backup using Xcopy 21 Dec 2016
Using xcopy for backup

FFMpeg and Deinterlacing 16 Aug 2016
Tips on using FFMpeg for deinterlacing video

Disable Firefox Refresh Message/Prompt 16 Aug 2016
Disable Firefox Refresh Message/Prompt

PHP - Command line, Getting Webpages, Sleep 2 Aug 2016
Some notes on PHP

Display the Motherboard Infomation on Windows XP, 7 20 Jul 2016
This gives a tip on how to display the motherboard information on a computer running Windows XP or 7

Linux Memory Usage - Why does Linux use so much memory? 10 Jul 2015
This article briefly explains how Linux is using and reporting RAM memory usage

Firefox: Using multiple search engines 10 Jul 2015
This article explains how to use multiple search engines from the location bar in Firefox.

Offline Android Voice Recognition 3 Jul 2015
This article explains how to get offline voice recognition working in Android

Remote Desktop Icon 26 Jun 2015
This article gives an example of setting up an icon on your Desktop which immediately creates a remote desktop connection to a machine.

LaTex for Unix 11 Jun 2015
A few tips on using LaTex in Unix

Using TAR in Unix 2 Jun 2015
This article gives some examples of using the Unix tar command

Backing Up Windows 8.1 21 May 2015
A few tips on making a system image of Windows 8.1

Chrome Browser Colors Problems 4 May 2015
If colors for some images are appearing incorrectly, it could be because Chrome is using GPU functions which are not compatible. This article explains how to solve it.

Remote Access to LIACS 29 Apr 2015
Some tips on remote access to LIACS computers

Network Problems and Diagnosis 2 Apr 2015
This article gives some tips on checking what is using your ports and which services started them.

Remove DVD drive from Dell E4300 19 Mar 2015
This article describes how to remove the DVD drive from Dell E4300

Using htpasswd.exe 24 Oct 2014
Tips on changing user passwords via the htpasswd.exe provided by Apache

Menus (dropdown) in HTML5/CSS3 4 Aug 2014
This article gives an example of creating dropdown menus using HTML5

Allow Specific IP Addresses to Remote Desktop Windows 7 29 Jul 2014
This article explains how to limit which IPs can connect using Remote Desktop to a Windows 7 computer

Disable AutoPlay in Windows 7 28 Jul 2014
This article explains how to disable autoplay in Windows 7

MySQL and PHP Examples 9 Jul 2014
Some examples using MySQL with PHP

MySQL - Fast indexing 3 Jul 2014
Some examples of setting up indices in MySQL are given

Full Install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on USB Stick 25 Jun 2014
This article gives notes on how to perform a full installation of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS onto a USB stick

IPv6 on Windows XP 17 May 2014
This article explains how to install IPv6 on Windows XP

MySQL basics 29 Apr 2014
A brief tutorial on using MYSQL

Turn off Windows XP Auto-Run 27 Apr 2014
One of the most important things to switch off for better security is the windows XP auto-run feature. This article explains how to do it.

Linux: CPU and RAM info 23 Apr 2014
These commands under Linux tell you information about the CPU and RAM

Viewing Drive Shares in Windows 7 16 Apr 2014
This article explains how to make the drive shares visible on Windows 7

Thunderbird/Gmail Authentication Problems 9 Apr 2014
Gmail can be flaky sometimes and can introduce bugs into their authentication routines. This article explains one approach to crowbar a fix for Thunderbird using POP3

Windows XP and ZoneAlarm and Generic Host Process 18 Mar 2014
Notes on what to allow through ZoneAlarm

ICC Color Management Modes 5 Mar 2014
This article explains how to change the ICC color management mode in Firefox and SeaMonkey

TrueImage 11 User Notes 28 Feb 2014
Overview on TrueImage 11

Firefox password DB editor 28 Feb 2014
This Firefox extension allows you to edit saved passwords or create new ones.

Extracting tracks from video files (batch) 3 Jan 2014
This article gives an example of extracting (lossless) tracks using ffmpeg

HTML Tables: colspan 2 Sep 2013
In some cases you want to have unusual table setups with differing numbers of columns per row. This article gives a few tips.

HTML Images: Rounded Corners, Shadows, and Gradients 1 Sep 2013
Gives tips on displaying images in HTML with rounded corners and shadows and gradients

HTML Images: Keep Aspect Ratio and Limit Dimensions 30 Aug 2013
A tip on using the img tag in HTML to keep the aspect ratio and also put a maximum limit on the width and height

Linux Hardware Info 22 Aug 2013
Some tips on finding out the hardware and OS version

Google Proxy Server 16 Jul 2013
An example of using a google proxy server to get a page behind a paywall

Scheduled Restart of Windows Services 1 Jul 2013
This article tells you how to restart a windows service on a schedule automatically

Google Cache of Webpages 24 Jun 2013
This shows how to view Google's cache of webpages

Installing Apache or MySQL as Windows Services 27 May 2013
This article explains how to install Apache or MySQL as windows services.

How to Delete a Windows Service 12 May 2013
How to delete a windows service

Backup and Restore MySQL 9 May 2013
This article gives a quick overview of backing up and restoring a mysql database or installation

Reset MySQL Root Password 8 May 2013

GLUT, OpenGL, Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 1 Apr 2013
Some tips on setting up GLUT with OpenGL on Windows 7

Disable Firefox Plugin Check 21 Mar 2013
This article explains how to disable the firefox plugin check

Mongoose and PHP 5 Mar 2013
This article explains how to get Mongoose working with PHP

Windows 7 License Information 18 Feb 2013
This article shows how you can display the license information for your machine regarding Windows 7

Windows 7 Installation Notes 11 Feb 2013
Notes on installing Windows 7

Windows 7 Professional File Sharing 1 Feb 2013
This articles gives a few tips on file sharing using Windows 7 Professional

Optimizing Gigabit Ethernet Speed 31 Jan 2013
This articles gives tips on how to improve Windows XP Ethernet speed.

FFMpeg and MKVmerge for Video Encoding 30 Dec 2012
Two high quality tools for encoding video into h264 are FFMpeg and MKVmerge. We give an example of their usage in batch files.

Script to Add Users and Passwords 19 Dec 2012
This articles explains how to add users and passwords from a command line script

MySQL select on multiple tables (join) 16 Nov 2012
An example of doing a SELECT on multiple tables

Using FFMPEG to extract a specific audio track from movie 14 Oct 2012
This article explains how to use FFMPEG to extract a specific audio track from movie

Mongoose: A Simple and Portable Web Server 1 Oct 2012
This article briefly describes the Mongoose web server

Calling PHP from Custom Web Server 22 Sep 2012
Suppose you wrote your own web server and want to use PHP. This article gives some tips on what you need to do.

Change Remote Desktop Server Port 20 Sep 2012
This article shows how to change the listening port for the Remote Desktop Server

Turn off Firefox download scan 13 Aug 2012
This articles explains the steps to turn off scanning of downloads by Firefox

Manual installation of Android Apps 9 Aug 2012
Explains how to install apps on Android 4 manually

Move Putty Settings To Another Computer 3 Aug 2012
This article shows how to move Putty settings to another computer

Convert Video to h.264/mkv 9 Jul 2012
This article shows how to use VLC to convert video to mkv format

Convert avi to mkv or add new tracks 3 Jun 2012
This article shows how to losslessly convert from avi to mkv format

AR Drone and Windows 7 18 May 2012
Using the Parrot AR Drone from Windows 7

Group Policy Notes in Win XP 25 Mar 2012
This page has some useful notes on how to look at and set the group security policy in Windows XP

How to Remote Desktop to the Actual Server Console on Windows 2003 21 Mar 2012
Using the Remote Desktop client usually lands you in a seperate session on the windows server. There are times, however, when you might want to be able to connect to the console directly instead of being in a seperate session.

Windows Updates: Tips and Problem Solving 20 Mar 2012
Windows updates are necessary in some cases to install security patches. However, there are problems with there system.

Proxy with Putty and Firefox 15 Aug 2011
Some notes on using web proxy with Putty and Firefox

HTML Notes: Positioning Text and Images 14 Jul 2011
Some examples of using layers and div elements to position images and text on a webpage

Copy mySQL table from one database to another 10 Mar 2011
This article gives a very short example how to copy a table from one database to another.

Disabling ADOBE ARM 2 Feb 2011
Adobe ARM refers to their updating programs. On some computers, ARM can cause network outages. This article explains how to disable ARM

phpBB (version 3) Using SQLite 24 Jan 2011
Explains how to install phpBB version 3 with SQLite

Hard Linking in XP 17 Jan 2011
As opposed to the soft linking from creating a shortcut in XP, you can also do a real hard link which will treat the file as if it is there.

Excel-like Formulas in MS Word Tables 3 Jan 2011
Some notes on using Excel-like formulas in MS Word Tables

Excel Notes 2 Jan 2011
Notes on using Excel for computing grades

Skype in High Resolution 8 Dec 2010
This article describes how to get high resolution video from Skype assuming your webcam supports high res capture.

Windows Security vs Malware: Important Tips 29 Nov 2010
This article will focus on the most important tips to improve fundamental security on MS Windows and many others.

Disable Google Chrome Auto-Update 30 Jun 2010
This article explains how to turn off the auto update in Google Chrome

Acer 4810 Battery Life Problem 17 Jun 2010
The Acer timeline 4810 should have an 8 hour battery life when surfing the Web. However, due to driver problems with the switchable graphics, users may only be seeing 4 hours battery life.

Smbclient 12 Jun 2010
Notes on using the smbclient program from Linux to access Windows shares

Configuring Apache for Perl 12 May 2010
A short note on configuring Apache for Perl

Improving Apache Download Speeds 29 Apr 2010
Download speeds on Windows XP using Apache can be slow. The rate is actually limited by XP and can be improved using regedit.

View All Network Connections on XP 10 Mar 2010
View All Network Connections on XP

Intel Modular Server and Windows 2003 Server 1 Feb 2010
The Intel Modular Server is not immediately compatible with most Windows Operating Systems. This article shows how to create a slipstreamed installation CD with the storage drivers

Disable Recent Documents List Under Start Menu 11 Nov 2009
For privacy reasons, one might want to disable the recent documents list under the start menu. This article explains how to disable it under Windows XP

Compatibility between Office 2000 and Office 2007 10 Nov 2009
MS Office 2000 is able to read and write documents in the docx format used in Office 2007 by using the compatibility pack.

Firefox Settings 23 Sep 2009
Changing the variable settings within Firefox

Video Encoding Using Mencoder 23 Sep 2009
An example of using mencoder for video encoding

DeShaker - Stabilization for VirtualDub 12 Aug 2009
This article describes how to use the DeShaker plugin for VirtualDub

Disable Adobe Bonjour Service 7 Jun 2009
This article describes how to disable Adobe Bonjour Service

Apache: Changing default number of columns in automatic directory listing 23 Mar 2009
This article describes how to change the default number of columns in the Apache automatic directory listing

Downloading a Webpage 18 Jan 2009
This describes how to use wget to download a complete webpage

Text2Image 10 Dec 2008
This article describes how to convert a text file into an image.

Howto Manually Register/Un-Register Filters & Codecs 18 Nov 2008
This article explains how to manually add or remove filters and codecs from your XP system.

Mencoder Tips 14 Aug 2008
Converting difficult files using Mencoder

Warning: Problems when updating with XP SP2 9 Aug 2008
Warning: Problems when updating with XP SP2

Format USB Stick as NTFS 4 Aug 2008
How to format a USB Stick as NTFS instead of FAT32

Encoding Difficult Files with Mencoder 3 Aug 2008
Some video files are difficult to transcode such as from VC1 to MPEG4, not because of the video codecs but because the file contains a poorly standardized codec like OGG Vorbis. This document gives some tips on how to make the transcoded files.

Writing Excel sheets from PHP 21 Jul 2008
This article gives a few pointers on writing excel sheets from PHP.

Reboot a remote XP machine 7 Jun 2008
How to reboot a remote machine running XP.

Set XP File/Dir Permissions from Command Line 30 May 2008
Sometimes one needs to set the file and directory permissions of XP from a command line program. This gives a hint how to do so.

Remote console 14 May 2008
When all connections on remote desktop are used up, in many cases you can still use remote console as described here.

Windows XP Registry Backup 2 Apr 2008
Windows XP Registry Backup

Antec Fusion Notes 17 Feb 2008
Antec Fusion

Hack (1985) - version 103, the original 15 Feb 2008
This has a download of the original game and notes on getting Hack103 working with ansi.sys. Here is the quick and easy solution for Windows XP.

Problem: Win XP System Properties Not Appearing 31 Jan 2008
There are some programs which can interfere with the core functionality of Windows XP. This article describes one problem having to do with rundll32 and restore.exe

Change Computername or Workgroup 30 Jan 2008
This article shows you how to use the XP support tool, NETDOM.exe to change a computer name.

Windows XP Auto Login 30 Jan 2008
How to setup auto login for Windows XP

Reducing Apache Server Public Information 26 Nov 2007
For security reasons, it can be beneficial to reduce the amount of information Apache gives out to any user

Ubuntu Notes 26 Nov 2007
Some notes on installing Ubuntu 7

Batch File Looping 26 Nov 2007
An example of how to use for loops for batch files

Intelligent computers in movies, television, and books 26 Nov 2007
A brief summary of intelligent computers in movies, television, and books.

Net Commands in Win2000 and XP 26 Nov 2007
This page gives a brief summary of the net commands available in Windows 2000 and XP

Create a Safely Remove Hardware shortcut 26 Nov 2007
This article shows how to create a desktop shortcut which activates the Safely Remove Hardware function - especially useful when disconnecting USB drives

Using Xcopy to backup a drive or directory 26 Nov 2007
Using Xcopy to backup a drive or directory

Password Lock for Windows XP 26 Nov 2007
Two ways of locking Windows XP

ActiveSync and Outlook 26 Nov 2007
Notes on getting MS ActiveSync to work smoothly with MS Outlook

Changing Default Logon Screesaver 26 Nov 2007
Before a user logs in, XP has a default screensaver which in some cases might be annoying. This note explains how to change it.

X Server - Cygwin on Win32 26 Nov 2007
X Server - Cygwin on Win32 - This article explains what you need to know to get it working

Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP on Linux 26 Nov 2007
Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP on Linux

Extending Basic Disk Partitions 26 Nov 2007
This article shows how to use DiskPart in WinXP to extend a Basic disk partition

PHP5 Encryption Techniques 26 Nov 2007
A fast programmers tutorial on encryption techniques in PHP5

Firefox Optimization 26 Nov 2007
This article shows how to greatly enhance the speed of the Firefox 2 internet browser

Reducing SVCHOST Memory Usage 26 Nov 2007
Some things to adjust when the svchost service becomes large

Installing Windows 2000 with Ultra160 SCSI 20 Jun 2001
Howto setup Windows 2000 on a PC with an Ultra160 SCSI system

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