Google Citation Statistics 15 Jan 2008
This page finds citation statistics from Google Scholar based on the author's name.

Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP on Linux 26 Nov 2007
Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP on Linux

X Server - Cygwin on Win32 26 Nov 2007
X Server - Cygwin on Win32 - This article explains what you need to know to get it working

PHP5 Encryption Techniques 26 Nov 2007
A fast programmers tutorial on encryption techniques in PHP5

Net Commands in Win2000 and XP 26 Nov 2007
This page gives a brief summary of the net commands available in Windows 2000 and XP

Reducing Apache Server Public Information 26 Nov 2007
For security reasons, it can be beneficial to reduce the amount of information Apache gives out to any user

Firefox Optimization 26 Nov 2007
This article shows how to greatly enhance the speed of the Firefox 2 internet browser

Maximum Half-Open TCP Connections 4 Aug 2007
Explains what the half-open TCP limit is and how to alter it.

SMB/Samba over SSH 29 Jan 2007
Suppose you have a samba server on server S, and wish to connect to it from a machine C. Perhaps you can't connect directly, because either S can't open port 139, or because you don't trust the security of windows file sharing. (Both are good reasons!)

HTML Quick Reference 18 Jan 2001
Some useful HTML tags and tips

POP3 Email Specification: RFC 1939 19 Nov 2000
This documents specifies the POP3 email protocol

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): RFC 821 19 Nov 2000
The underlying protocol for Internet email

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Version 4 19 Nov 2000
The specification of IMAP4

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