Welcome to the LIACS Media Lab 31 Dec 2020
The goal of the LIACS Media Lab (LML) at Leiden University is to unify education and research in the areas of multimedia analysis/understanding, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction and internet technologies.

Leiden in the Programming World Championships 17 Nov 2019
Leiden programming team qualifies for world championships

Deep Learning Paper Accepted in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 5 Feb 2019
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia has accepted a LIACS Media Lab paper on deep learning in style transfer.

Dr. Lew is nominated for Faculty of Science Best Teacher Award 21 Nov 2018
Dr. Lew is the LIACS nominated teacher for the best teacher award

Deep Learning Starting Points 6 Jun 2018
This article has some tips on where to start for reading up on deep learning using convolutional neural networks.

LIACS Media Lab Has Most Cited Neurocomputing Journal Paper 17 Apr 2018
The Neurocomputing Journal has listed a paper by LML authors as the most cited.

Dr. Lew is co-general chair for ACM ICMR 2018 24 Mar 2018
This year, one of the general chairs for the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval is Dr. Lew.

Best Paper Award by LML PhD Students at MMM2017 20 Jul 2017
LIACS Media Lab PhD students win Best Paper Award at MMM2017

Dr. Bart Thomee has won the ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award 10 Aug 2016
Bart Thomee will be receiving ACM Rising Star Award for 2016. This award is given to the top young scientist.

NWO grant in digital humanities awarded 12 Mar 2016
NWO research grant: Making sense of illustrated handwritten archives" (2 PhDs and a postdoc) was awarded - This project addresses the gaps in the knowledge about our cultural and scientific heritage, caused by the difficulty of retrieving information from (digitized) handwritten and drawn resources, for both humans and computers.

Nvidia grant on Deep Visual Understanding Awarded 25 Jan 2016
NVIDIA research grant: Deep Visual Understanding of Paintings and Pictures" (hardware with ~5000 processors) was awarded - In this project we will be developing new deep learning architectures for machine understanding of visual media based on the pictorial content.

ACM Multimedia Grand Challenges 17 May 2015
The Multimedia Grand Challenge was first presented as part of ACM Multimedia 2009 and has established itself as a prestigious competition in the multimedia community. ACM Multimedia 2015 will continue the tradition by repeating previous challenges and by introducing a new challenge. Industry leaders organize challenges which are meant to engage the Multimedia research community in solving relevant, interesting and challenging questions about the industry’s 3-5 year vision for important multimedia problems. The challenges provide a direct answer to the question of “What multimedia problems are important to society and industry?”

IPv6 on Windows XP 17 May 2014
This article explains how to install IPv6 on Windows XP

Turn off Windows XP Auto-Run 27 Apr 2014
One of the most important things to switch off for better security is the windows XP auto-run feature. This article explains how to do it.

CFP: International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 14 Feb 2014
Taking place between Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th, April 2014 in Glasgow (UK), the annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) offers a great opportunity for exchanging leading-edge multimedia retrieval ideas among researchers, practitioners and other potential users of multimedia retrieval systems.

Dr. Michael Lew is chosen for the ACM SIGMM Executive Committee 26 Dec 2013
Dr. Michael Lew is chosen for the ACM SIGMM Executive Committee

CFP IJMIR: Special Issue on Cross-Media Analysis 1 Jul 2013
Cross-media analysis is a new, emerging, and important research area in current multimedia research. Cross-media analysis exploits the data available on diverse sources of rich multimedia content simultaneously and synergistically. It is beneficial for many applications in data mining, causal inference, machine learning, multimedia, and public security.

CFP: ACM Multimedia 2013 14 Mar 2013
Since the founding of ACM SIGMM in 1993, ACM Multimedia has been the worldwide premier conference and a key world event to display scientific achievements and innovative industrial products in the multimedia field.

Browser Cookie Law in the Netherlands 24 Jan 2013
The Netherlands has introduced a new law which requires opt-in consent for a wide category of browser cookies.

CFP: ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR2013) 14 Oct 2012
ACM ICMR 2013 is seeking original high quality submissions addressing innovative research in the broad field of multimedia retrieval.

Call for Organizers: ACM Int. Conf. Multimedia Retrieval - ICMR2014 19 Aug 2012
The ACM ICMR Steering Committee invites interested parties to submit proposals to host and organize the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, ICMR2014

New Research Grant on Image Database Search 20 Jul 2012
Helios Technology had awarded a research grant, "Integrating Search and Exploration in Image Databases" to the LIACS Media Lab

Dr. Michael S. Lew added to the Leiden University Faculty of Science Hall of Fame 14 Jun 2012
Dr. Michael Lew was added to the Hall of Fame at Leiden University

Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval 4 Apr 2012
The inaugural issue of the International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval (Springer) which is led by members of the LIACS Media Lab (Leiden University) has been published

ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2012 12 Mar 2012
ACM Multimedia 2012 calls for full papers presenting interesting recent results or novel ideas in all areas of multimedia and its applications.

Yahoo Research joins the LIACS Media Lab on Image Search Project 18 Feb 2012
Yahoo Research is collaborating with the LIACS Media Lab at Leiden University on searching for images

ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 7 Jan 2012
Effectively and efficiently retrieving information based on user needs is one of the most exciting areas in multimedia research. The Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) offers a great opportunity for exchanging leading-edge multimedia retrieval ideas among researchers, practitioners and other potential users of multimedia retrieval systems. This conference, puts together the long-lasting experience of former ACM CIVR and ACM MIR series, is set up to illuminate the state of the arts in multimedia (text, image, video and audio) retrieval.

LUMIR welcomes Prof. dr. Boudewijn Lelieveldt 4 Jan 2012
The Leiden University Center for Massive Information Retrieval (LUMIR) welcomes Prof. dr. Boudewijn Lelieveldt as a core collaborator of the LUMC.

Ard Oerlemans (LIACS Media Lab) nominated for Leiden University best thesis award 2 Dec 2011
The PhD thesis by Ard Oerlemans from the LIACS Media Lab was nominated for the best thesis award at Leiden University.

HTML Notes: Positioning Text and Images 14 Jul 2011
Some examples of using layers and div elements to position images and text on a webpage

International Workshop on Interactive Multimedia Systems 4 Jun 2011
This workshop brings together researchers in the field of interactive multimedia systems. It is meant to provide a forum for sharing new ideas and discoveries. A strong focus of this meeting is in interdisciplinary work from diverse fields such as interactive artificial intelligence, social media computing, digital art systems, human computer interaction, media retrieval, psychology, multiplayer games, and digital libraries. Contributions are in the form of novel peer reviewed papers which are published in the workshop proceedings.

Skype in High Resolution 8 Dec 2010
This article describes how to get high resolution video from Skype assuming your webcam supports high res capture.

Windows Security vs Malware: Important Tips 29 Nov 2010
This article will focus on the most important tips to improve fundamental security on MS Windows and many others.

Improving Apache Download Speeds 29 Apr 2010
Download speeds on Windows XP using Apache can be slow. The rate is actually limited by XP and can be improved using regedit.

Are Macs safe? 25 Jan 2010
This article gives an overview of the reality of computer security on a Mac.

Text2Image 10 Dec 2008
This article describes how to convert a text file into an image.

Warning: Problems when updating with XP SP2 9 Aug 2008
Warning: Problems when updating with XP SP2

ACM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval 17 Jul 2008
ACM International Conference on Multimedia Information Retrieval is a premier scientific meeting for discussing the latest advances in the area of multimedia retrieval. All papers in the main track must be high quality original papers which address important issues in multimedia exploration, summarization and retrieval.

Windows XP Registry Backup 2 Apr 2008
Windows XP Registry Backup

Google Citation Statistics 15 Jan 2008
This page finds citation statistics from Google Scholar based on the author's name.

ACM Multimedia 2007 23 Sep 2007
ACM Multimedia 2007 invites you to participate in the premier annual multimedia conference, covering all aspects of multimedia computing: from underlying technologies to applications, theory to practice, and servers to networks to devices.

IEEE Multimedia 2007 2 Jul 2007
IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo is a major annual international conference with the objective of bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry working in all areas of multimedia.

LIACS Media Lab Resources 1 Jul 2007
A short overview of multimedia hardware available.

ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval - CIVR2007 2 Feb 2007
The International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval (CIVR) series of conferences was originally set up to illuminate the state of the art in image and video retrieval between researchers and practitioners throughout the world.

IEEE International Workshop on Human Computer Interaction HCI2007 12 Jan 2007
The goal of this workshop (IEEE HCI'2007) is to share new ideas and paradigms with other researchers worldwide in the scientific study of Human Computer Interaction. Human computer interaction (HCI) lies at the crossroads of many scientific areas. including artificial intelligence, computer vision, face recognition, motion tracking, etc. In order for HCI systems to interact seamlessly with people, they will need to understand their environment through vision and sound.

PeerExplorer - Trustworthy P2P 3 Jul 2006
Current Peer-2-Peer systems have significant limitations regarding security, interaction, browsing, and searching. The PeerExplorer project seeks to address all of these issues towards a next generation P2P application

MagicVideoBrowser 1 Sep 2005
Built specifically for movie enthusiasts, MagicVideoBrowser offers a highly intuitive interface that allows its users an easy and effective way of navigating one's computer to browse or search for video files. In this application, video files are represented in a truly visual way as opposed to text. This program brings next generation video browsing and playing capabilities to video enthusiasts and professionals.

IEEE International Workshop on Human Computer Interaction 5 Jul 2005
Human computer interaction (HCI) lies at the crossroads of many scientific areas. These areas include affective computing, smart interfaces, human motion and gesture recognition, perceptual user interfaces, and learning in HCI. The goal of this workshop (IEEE HCI'2005) is to share new ideas and paradigms with other researchers worldwide.

ACM SIGMM Multimedia Information Retrieval Workshop 2004 10 Nov 2004
Extending beyond all borders of culture, art, and science, the search for digital information is one of the major challenges of our time. Digital libraries, bio-medical science, the Internet, streaming video, databases, cultural heritage collections and peer-2-peer networks have created a worldwide need for new paradigms and techiques on how to browse, search, and summarize multimedia collections. MIR2004 is a peer-reviewed meeting for scientific researchers and users to discuss important challenges in multimedia retrieval.

PCI Express: What is it? 25 Sep 2004
PCI Express is the next generation PCI bus. We introduce what PCI Express is and explain the architecture.

International Workshop on Human Computer Interaction 2004 25 Mar 2004
The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from the field of computer vision whose work is related to human computer interaction. We are soliciting original contributions that address a wide range of theoretical and application issues in human computer interaction. Developments in mobile, wearable and pervasive communications and computing technologies provide exciting challenges and opportunities for HCI

Virtual Education - Online School 7 Feb 2004
This is a 3D online school where you can walk around, see and talk to other students and teachers. You can also listen to music and view video for your studies.

Speech Street Fighter 25 Jan 2004
This is a fighting game like "Street Fighter" played by speech. You can control your 3D fighter in real time using voice commands.

Fractal Worlds 19 Jan 2004
Our main goal: Is to create an artificial world according to a set of random parameters(seed) at the begin of the program. So every time you run the program, you will get an entire new world that can be viewed in 3d. More general, every mountain, every ocean, and every tree will be placed differently in each run.

Digital Immortality - Memory Cabinet 14 Jan 2004
We want to build a cabinet which holds 'memories'. The cabinet stands in a public space like the main entrance of a library or city hall. Every visitor can show an object with emotional value or memory to the digital camera/webcam.

Virtual Aquarium 7 Dec 2003
Imagine a television that shows an aquarium with fishes which respond to movement and sound from the surrounding area.

Voice Search 20 Nov 2003
Voicesearch is about as the name suggests, using your voice for doing the search on a webpage. Before it was all textual, now its possible to make it more dynamic,interactive and appealing to the users.

Why Do We Need A Mouse? 15 Oct 2003
Our project goal is to use your hand as a pointing device (like the mouse). Hand motions can be much more expressive and convey more information than using the mouse. Also, you always bring your hands with you.

VNC - Virtual Network Computing 8 Sep 2003
VNC is a program which allows you to control a desktop from any Windows, Mac, UNIX or PocketPC.

International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval 5 Jul 2003
The International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval (CIVR) series of conferences was originally set up to illuminate the state of the art in image and video retrieval between researchers and practitioners throughout the world.

3D Visual Sign Language Translator 10 Feb 2003
We wanted to create a device which could work as a visual sign-language translator. On the fingertips of a glove we placed 4 different color leds. These leds can be recognized by an OpenGL code.

3D Photo Album 9 Jan 2003
We designed a virtual 3D photo album which could give a more natural way of viewing digital images.

Virtual Window 12 Dec 2002
The intention of the project was to generate a window on a computer that was realistic and believable. A tromp l'oeil.

Dynamic Disks 31 Oct 2002
Dynamic disks allow you to span disk drives and utilize RAID striping and mirroring within Windows 2000 and XP. We discuss the strengths and caveats of this technology.

Xmpeg 11 Sep 2002
Xmpeg is a tool for converting mpeg video from one format to another. We explain what the tool does and give recommendations for using it.

Virtual 3D Display 30 Jul 2002
This project is about designing a 3D display which can be viewed without shutter glasses or a head mounted display

Augmented Reality 18 Jul 2002
In many situations, it would be nice to have additional information about one's surroundings. This project does that by augmenting reality.

Video Players 15 Jul 2002
We give an overview of the DivX Player and Microsoft Media Player.

Interactive Movie Theatre 8 Jul 2002
In this project we create a special movie theater which changes the video on the screen based on user interaction via the chairs

VirtualDub 28 Jun 2002
VirtualDub is a free, open-source program for basic video editing of mpeg and avi video and audio files. We explain when to use VirtualDub and how to overcome some common limitations.

Dynamic Art 25 Jun 2002
Using live video capture and wall sized projections, we created a dynamic art exhnibit.

DivX 5.0 22 Mar 2002
DivX has released a new version of their codec. We discuss the effectiveness of DivX for video archiving.

Pentium IV vs. Athlon 14 Dec 2001
In this article we summarize the debate over CPU performance between the PIV and the Athlon

Graphics Card Roundup 1 Oct 2001
In this article, we summarize the latest developments in graphics cards.

Storage Blues 30 Aug 2001
We have tested a wide variety of storage options and give the results of our tests.

Reflective Notebook Displays 5 Jul 2001
On a notebook computer, the main power drain is typically the display. New technology called reflective displays promise significant power savings.

Beyond the Hype: MPEG-4 and DivX 1 Jul 2001
MPEG-4 and DivX make extravagant claims about video compression. We summarize the facts and not the hype.

WWW Text Search Engines 1 May 2001
This article briefly summarizes the different text based WWW search user interfaces.

Search Engine Myths 1 Feb 2001
Web search engines are shrouded in hyperbole and unsubstantiated claims. This article attempts to distinguish between search engine reality and myth

The Next Internet: A Critical View 1 Jan 2001
This article discusses the growing pains of the Internet and the solutions to the leading problems.

Digital Cinema Is Coming. Are We Ready? 13 Nov 2000
Digital cinema is expected to overtake traditional analog film cinema within six years. What are the ramifications of this paradigm shift?

Explosive Net Growth 10 Nov 2000
The president of Yahoo predicts explosive growth in the WWW

10 Tera-byte (10,000GB) Optical Disk 9 Nov 2000
Romanian scientist is designing a 10,000 gigabyte optical disk

Transmeta Recap 8 Nov 2000
Compaq and IBM jump off the Transmeta train

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